Business & Finance

Greater focus on sustainable product solutions and technologies:

MSCI upgrades sustainability rating of Covestro


US Polycarbonates sheets business sold to Plaskolite

Covestro completes sale of US sheets business to Plaskolite


Moody's raises credit rating to Baa1 with stable outlook

Moody's upgrades Covestro


Plans to increase investment for further growth

Covestro raises guidance after a strong second quarter

Group sales improved by 10.4% to EUR 3.9 billion / Core volumes up 4.4% / EBITDA grew by 16.2% to EUR 985 million / Net income rose by 24.8% to EUR 604 million / Free operating cash flow increased by 14.1% to EUR 364 million / Guidance for EBITDA, FOCF and ROCE raised


Capacity expansion at four locations

Covestro strengthens its global film production

Total investment of more than 100 million euros / Over 100 new jobs planned / Innovative applications in various industries / In focus: multilayer flat films


Group sales and EBITDA up significantly in the first quarter

Covestro well on track

Group sales grew by 5.4% to EUR 3.8 billion / Core volumes stable at a high level / EBITDA up around a quarter to nearly EUR 1.1 billion / Net income rose by 37.6% to EUR 644 million / Free operating cash flow increased by 72.5% / On track for fiscal 2018: guidance confirmed


Fostering online business in Asia

Covestro launches flagship store on Alibaba

Further step in digitalization strategy / Offering products for small and medium-sized business customers / Listen and learn to adapt to customer’s needs


Annual General Meeting in Bonn:

Covestro significantly raises dividend

Patrick Thomas hands over CEO position to Dr. Markus Steilemann on June 1


Annual General Meeting 2018


Announced change at the top management of Covestro brought forward

Patrick Thomas to hand over CEO position to Dr. Markus Steilemann on June 1, 2018

Patrick Thomas retires on May 31, 2018, by mutual agreement / Supervisory Board thanks Patrick Thomas for a highly successful transformational development in his leadership decade / Dr. Thomas Toepfer in office as CFO since April 1, 2018